About SMAC Adventures

SMAC Adventures stands for Seychelles Multi Adventure Company. We have created the next generation of adrenaline pumping excitement on the island! A series of 8 aerial ziplines that suspend both within and above the beautiful forest which covers the hillside of Constance Ephelia Resort. This allows the adventurer to experience this pristine environment in a unique way while soaring through the air surrounded by breathtaking views. Built to international standards, checked out and certified by an international firm of structural engineers, this activity will endear to old and young alike. Come and expose yourself to this unique Seychelles experience! Push your limits, test your bravery, have some fun! You won’t be sorry!!!

We also offer Rock Climbing as another adrenaline packed activity. Seychelles is an island paradise well known for its white beaches and azure blue seas, but it also has beautiful mountains punctuated by majestic granite outcrops. It is these outcrops inside Contance Ephelia Resort where we have established a rock climbing and abseiling activity for all to enjoy! Employing an 18m high natural granite rock face with various routes, using a top belay system- fit for all experience levels. All equipment is provided all you need to do is climb the crag!

Our activities are carried out by experienced and enthusiastic adventure guides who have a passion for adrenaline, fun and sharing that experience with guests. A booking for our activities is essential!

We take all ages from 4 years and up. Our maximum weight limit is 115kg. All equipment is provided. You are requested to wear comfortable clothing and closed shoes for the ziplines, rock climbing shoes are provided. Activities take approximately 1 hour to complete. You are welcome to bring along a camera and/or video to capture your experience. Please don’t forget to tag us!

Total satisfaction
and a memory that will last a live time!

is a climber?

Every “body” and any “body”! Kids, the wife and of course the man!

Young and old, strength and skill is not needed to enjoy this adventure!

“The SMAC Crag”

10 remarkable routes!

With a difficulty between Grade 12,beginner and 24,intermediate grades.

“The Smartie Wall”

Every child wants to climb on things! Once they are on, its hard to get them of, the fun is

The Packages

*The Introduction:

The 3 magic routes with difficulty graded between 12 and 16, that will introduce you to the world you have missed out on all this time!

*The Confident:

3 new routes ,more challenging and graded between 16 and 18. This will give you a reason to push your chest out and be proud of yourself!

*The Brave:

4 Routes graded between 19 and 23, that allows your
courage and ego shine, with porpoise.

Belay Certificate :

Be exploited to all aspects of Climbing, Belaying and Abseil the SMAC Wall